Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hi there! Well, I know, I have been silent for a long time. But: No! I have not forgotten to update this blog. The point is: Nothing really happened. Just one thing: I finally applied. I applied for France and Spain, but I hope to get one of my two favourites: Nancy or Lille.

You ask about my selection criterions? Well, there are not many. Since I am learning French for a few more years than Spanish, I would prefer France as host country. In France, there are exactly six Universities having a cooperation with my chair, which is primarily the chair of Romance Literature Studies: Universities in Nancy, Lille, Bordeaux (my choices), and two departments of the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Saint-Denis which is part of the Paris banlieues. Since I prefer smaller cities (not for love and money I want to study in Paris), there are only Nancy, Lille, and Bordeaux left over. So, for the five choices I can make, I lumped two almost randomly chosen Spanish Universities together with the three French ones, wrote a hopefully convincing letter of motivation for the first one (which is Nancy), and there my application went. Yet another word to my selection criterions: Nancy is a good deal smaller than Lille, which could be a disadvantage concerning the prospects of the University. But a smaller city also implies lower living expenses. For that reason, considering my rather low budget, I chose Nancy for the first priority.

This happened by the end of November, and since then I am waiting. Waiting. Waiting for response. But it is not to be expected until February.

You may be certain that you immediately will hear from me when the case has been updated :)

Until then I remain in curious expectation,

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