Monday, July 13, 2015

The Band Begins to Play

In the meantime I have sent all my documents to Nancy. I got the lettre d'acceptation a few weeks later. I even managed the thing with the learning agreement: You just have to take a list of all courses from last year (to be found on the blog of the Campus Lettres et Sciences Humaines). Since the courses of your actual semester(s) will not be on line at this time, you will probably have to change a good deal of your choices upon arrival. You can choose whatever you want, theoretically. If you intend to claim credit for courses attended abroad, you have to settle the particular courses/modules with your advisor at your home university – but if the title suits roughly, he or she should not make any trouble. For instance, I only want to complete my last two modules of Romance literature, which will be about 15 credit points. The following two semesters will be counted as semesters on leave; this means that I may claim up to 29 credit points while the particular semesters will not be counted officially. That way I plan to avoid an impairment of my grades, because I think passing exams in French might not be that easy ;)

I also have applied for a student residence of CROUS, but in the meantime I have found a room rent privately (recommending It is in a house with eight rooms, two bathrooms and one kitchen, and I have to pay less than the rooms I chose in a student residence would cost. Thumbs up! :) But in France it is necessary to have an insurance for your flat, otherwise you could not sign the contract... Also I have learned that the French crash course I subscribed to will start on August 31, which means that I have to arrive earlier than expected. On September 4 there will be a welcome day for all the international students, and the regular courses will start on September 15.

Now I have to prepare, it is getting serious! I need a ticket for the train, I have to organise the relocation, I have to organise all the other formalities like assurances, etc...

Well, see you next time!

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